by Arianna Bardelli
di Arianna Bardelli

....For this show, Caterina has chosen to exhibit a series of paintings all the same size and medium (oil and graphite on panel). To round out the exhibit, she has also included a series of small works on paper, a testament to her careful research and her earliest drafting of ideas, thoughts, and impressions translated into images. Caterina’s chosen subjects are her students from the past school year. The teenagers - in jeans and t-shirts, with backpacks or shoulder bags, in sweatpants and sneakers, and in a few cases even barefoot - roam along the paths of life. Among landscapes of trees, hills, mountains, stairs, winding and crooked roads...the young people set out to discover the world Caterina has created by combining the real details of her memory with completely imaginary elements, perhaps from her dreams. It is an "alternate reality", a mirror of the artist's internal universe, populated by characters she knows personally as well as solitary and enigmatic figures, like an acrobat descending gracefully from the sky. The representations hover between the real and the surreal, between everyday life and dreams, images of a universe which is both personal and universal. ...  Palazzo degli Scalzi
Sassoferrato, 2013

 Palazzo degli Scalzi
Sassoferrato, 2013